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We have created four helpful steps to help you access the curriculum:

Step 1:

You can view the topics mission statements in Key Stage Three (Year 7, 8 and 9). They are broken down by faculty and colour coded for year group. A simple list of units is available at the bottom of the page.

KS3 Curriculum Overview

Step 2:

The courses on offer at Key Stage 4 can be viewed via the Key Stage Four Pathways page: Key Stage 4 Pathways

Courses follow the specification of the exam boards used for each subject. This information is accessible via our Revision Website (please note this link opens a separate website and requires a password available from the Academy).

Step 3:

Useful information such as the Grouping and Setting Policy, Homework or Pastoral Polices can be view our here Trust Policies

Step 4:

Read the curriculum statement below which describes all curriculum pathways and additional information

For further information please contact using the staff contact list:

Richard Auffret; CET Trust Director of Curriculum, or for specific subject queries Heads of Faculty and Subject


Curriculum Statement


The Downham Market Academy Curriculum provides all students of different starting points and needs access to the full curriculum. Students study the same broad range of subjects through lessons and structures tailored to their needs. Into Key Stage four, students can diversify in a range of and academic and vocational options.

The curriculum aspires to provide a quality, broad, interesting and challenging curriculum which ensures students are always ready for the next phase of their education.

The curriculum is much more than courses, and supported by a strong pastoral and extracurricular program supports students in being versed in British Values and ready for their next stage of Education, Employment or Training; ready for life in modern Britain

The curriculum delivers a personal, quality first and challenging curriculum where students realise their potential in outcomes of outstanding quality and quantity. It is informed by performance information, and demonstrates that we know our students well.

Students in KS3 study: English; Maths; Science; Art; Drama; History; Geography; Religious Education; Latin (twilight); Modern Foreign Language(s); PE; Design Technology.

The way students study these subjects varies:

(9-7) and (9-6) sets follow a more traditional repeating timetable cycle

(7-5) study the same broad curriculum, but from lower starting points and are afforded a range additional resources to help them catch-up

(5) have the addition of the Lexia reading program in their curriculum 

(7-5) and (5) students make accelerated progress through Years 7 and 8, with everyone following the same timetable in Year 9 with access to the full range of KS4 options Students are Key Stage 4 ready.

Students in KS4 Study: English, Maths, Science, PE, Ethics and three additional options in their core time. 

Detailed information for all Year groups is below.


Curriculum Aims

Our Aim is simple; every student is able to leave Downham having realised their potential.

Driven by our ethos and values, our curriculum enables students to study the subjects important to them, develop the skills they will need and shape them as citizens ready for a prosperous future in modern Britain or globally.

Our curriculum is designed so that each student follows a personal curriculum consisting of an outstanding Quantity of subjects where Quality is at the heart of their learning and out teaching.

We have very high expectations for every student, with challenging, aspirational and shared potentials. Students at Downham are supported academically and emotionally to enable them to keep-up rather than catch-up.

Within the curriculum, we at every point encourage learners to help shape their own learning.

Some students will arrive at Downham having made outstanding progress at KS1 and 2; some may have made average progress; some may not have made as much as they hoped.

Our curriculum is designed so that each student has access to a  curriculum which will enable them to make the most possible progress in a broad curriculum during their time with us.

Key Stage Three (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Key Stage Three sequences learning towards from all starting points to Key Stage Four, aiming to secure outstanding outcomes for our students.

Leaders dedicate a large focus to understanding the key aims of each year, for each subject including what we teach and why.

Key Stage Three is designed to enable every student to arrive at Key Stage Four having had the breadth and quality of curriculum to enable them to be Key Stage Four ready, and have access the greatest choice of courses available . All students develop a range of skills from linguistic and mathematical to social and artistic. This offer differs from student to student. However we design the curriculum for a child in collaboration with them and their parents, there is always opportunity for refining; no child is ever stuck in their curriculum.

Across Key Stage Three, most students follow a curriculum of: English, Maths, Science, Computer Science, Geography, History, Religious Education, Art, Drama, French or Spanish, Physical Education and Design Technology. These lessons are 100 minutes long.

Key Stage Four (Years 10 and 11)

Following Year 9, students study a core curriculum,but also have the opportunity to study a range of additional subjects and subjects at different levels.


Key Stage Four Core Offer

Key Stage four offers a wide quantity of subjects with study time designed to maximise student opportunities. These are GCSEs, Btecs , WJEC Vocational and Cambridge Nationals.

Within the Core Curriculum, students study: English Language and Literature, Maths, Core Physical Education, and Ethics.

All students study Science as either separate Biology, Physics and Chemistry courses, or a combined Trilogy Double Award Science.


Key Stage 4 Options Offer

Information on KS4 courses is available here:



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