Discover DMA 06.11.2020

Discover DMA 06.11.2020

Covid-secure routines

Thank you to everyone for your support in establishing the new routines to keep everyone safe at DMA!

New Art in the Library

Miss Kelly, one of our amazing Art teachers has had a busy half term painting these stunning, larger-than-life murals in the library.  We are currently re-designing the space to make it a more comfy and inviting space and these designs have already breathed new life into the room.  We hope that Miss Kelly will be able to create more in the near future.

Children In Need

We will be supporting the BBC Children in Need fundraiser this year with a non-uniform day.  We are asking all students to contribute 1 to our fundraising target of 1000 but this year this will need to be paid directly from parents ParentMail accounts so we do not have to handle lots of cash.  Thank you for your support wit this!

Term dates 2021/22

At the bottom of this newsletter are the term dates for Downham Market Academy for the next academic year.  These are slightly different to those published on the Norfolk County Council website so please do check carefully before booking any holidays next year.


Hydrocarbons are all around us from the fuel we put into our cars to the plastic your toothbrush is made out of. But these molecules can be tough to understand, they’re too small to just see and there’s so many of them to learn! So we decided to make some models to show that they would look like and what better way to do this that out of skittles! Not only did this help us to learn the structure and properties of these amazing molecules but they also made a great tasty treat when we had finished! 

The lungs

Understanding how we breathe can be a tricky subject as unfortunately we can’t just cut ourselves open to have a look. Instead, we created models using only a balloon, straw and plastic cup that work exactly like our lungs and are a great way to explain what’s going on inside our bodies!

Burning Magnesium

Students were investigating exothermic reactions in burning magnesium in the roaring bunsen flame. Normally metals don’t spontaneously ignite on contact with a flame so this is a very sudden and exciting event to observe. When magnesium reacts with oxygen in the air, it can produce light bright enough to temporarily blind you! Magnesium burns so bright because the reaction releases a lot of heat. As a result of this exothermic reaction, magnesium gives two electrons to oxygen, forming powdery magnesium oxide (MgO).

Fenland Youth Radio

One of our Year 7 students, Liam, can be heard on Fenland Youth Radio every Friday evening from 7pm to 8pm (details below). Liam has just been awarded the Music “Blue Peter badge” designed by Ed Sheeran for all his voluntary work over lock downThis local station is looking for new budding DJs and sound technicians to get involved in the project.  Please get in touch with them directly for more details.

Cambridge University Latin Competition

Last half term year 7 Latinists took part in the Cambridge Schools Classics Project Ovid.  Ovid was a Roman poet who wrote one of the most comprehensive versions of mythology – the Metamorphoses. Students were asked to choose from one of the CSCP’s retellings of Ovid’s myths and to come up with a creative response to this myth. This could be a live performance, an artefact such as model, photo, drawing or even shoebox scene, a creative writing piece or an animation. I have received entries ranging from recreating a sickle used by Kronos to a video demonstrating Philemon and Baucisbecoming trees to poems on all sorts of myths to lots of very different Pandora’s boxes! Two projects have been selected as the entries to go forward and represent Downham Market Academy in the national finals against other year 7 Latinists across the country. These are:

A model of Midas’ golden touch by Tegan Mills and Liam Osler and the poem ‘The Calydonian Boar Hunt’ by Noah Williamson. 
Winners of the competition will be announced by CSCP’s expert panel of judges during an online prizegiving event in December. Good luck Tegan, Liam and Noah!


Hello! I would like to introduce myself as the new Head of Duffy House. I am Mr Rippon and I started at DMA in September as a teacher of Technology, Engineering and Creative iMedia. I have 20 years experience across the Midlands and Norfolk. Within my previous schools, I have enjoyed a wide range of responsibilities, including pastoral leadership roles, Head of Department positions and even running ski trips and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. 

Outside of school, I am a huge Terry Pratchett fan, support Manchester United and enjoy spending time relaxing by bird watching on the Norfolk coast. When I want to be a bit more active, I also enjoy windsurfing, going to the gym  or heading to a Snowdome (or abroad) to fit in some skiing! 

I am excited to bring this wealth of experience to DMA and look forward to getting to know all of my House/Year group better as the year progresses.


Dyson students have continued to work hard and push themselves, earning lots of Above and Beyond points, Congratulations to Tom Drew and Adam Thompson as they received a 5 Amazon voucher for 100% attendance. Currently Dyson has lots of students who have managed to maintain 100% attendance – well done to all of you. I know that things are currently challenging but it is really good to see so many of you coming in and working really hard to achieve your best, keep those above and beyond points coming.


Students in Holmes House have made another impressive start to the term with great attitudes and work ethics.  We have lots of ideas in the pipeline with our student leaders who will be sharing these with the rest of the students very soon


Welcome back to all Peake students, I hope you had a restful half term. A massive well done for settling into the new routines so well this week, please keep it up. An extra well done to Mateusz Iwanicki, George Carpenter, Ellie Gallagher, Lily Rolfe & Sienna Hansell who are the Peake top 5 for above and beyond points!

Year 7

Welcome back!

This week has seen many changes but as I have come to expect from our Year 7 students, they are unfazed; instead exhibiting their thirst for knowledge and general joie de vie.

 Last half term flew by! We have been given 2 x 5 Amazon vouchers for our students who achieved 100% attendance.  121 students were added to a draw.

I am pleased to announce that the winners were…. (drum roll please)   James Taylor and Nancy Cutworth

Upcoming dates
4-6 November Year 11 Art Mock Exam
9-20 November Year 11 Mock Exams
Friday 13 November Non-uniform: Children in Need
Thursday 26 November Year 9 Parents Evening
Friday 27 November Academy closed
Wednesday 16 December Mock results day for Year 11
Friday 18 December Non-uniform: Christmas Jumper Day

Last day of term


Parents Evenings
Year 7 Thursday 6 May 2021
Year 8 Thursday 25 March 2021
Year 9 Thursday 26 November 2020
Year 10 Thursday 4 February 2021
Year 11 Thursday 21 January 2021


Term dates
Term Starts Ends
Autumn 1 7/8 September 2020 23 October 2020
Autumn 2 2 November 2020 18 December 2020
Spring 1 4 January 2021 12 February 2021
Spring 2 22 February 2021 26 March 2021
Summer 1 12 April 2021 28 May 2021
Summer 2 7 June 2021 21 July 2021