Equality Objectives Policy

Equality Objectives: Narrowing Gaps in Achievement, Overcoming Barriers to Realising Potential, Creating a Fairer Community

Equality legislation requires us to publish specific and measurable Equality Objectives. Our Equality Objectives are based on analysis of data and other information. Our Equality Objectives focus on those areas where we have agreed to take action to improve equality and tackle disadvantages.

Downham Market Academy strives to move from legal compliance with Equality legislation towards excellence and best practice in promoting and celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion. These Equality Objectives, in addition to the Equality Information, demonstrate the Academy’s commitment to ensuring that all students are treated fairly in terms of their protected characteristics and other significant factors or indicators such as eligibility for free school meals (FSM) or having English as an additional language (EAL)

Ofsted inspections look at how schools help all their students to make progress, including “those whose needs, dispositions, aptitudes or circumstances require additional support”. In addition to students with protected characteristics, we wish to provide further information on the following groups of students: SEN (including Gifted and Talented students and students with specific learning difficulties), EAL, FSM, Students who are looked after children and other vulnerable students who are at risk of disaffection or exclusion such as young carers, students with physical and/or mental health problems, students from families under permanent or temporary stress and students with other emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The admission, retention and achievement of students will be monitored by gender, disability (including SEN), race or ethnicity, eligibility for free school meals and having English as an additional language to determine trends and enable the Academy to provide focussed support to overcome barriers and realise potential. Monitoring of the other protected characteristics and vulnerable groups will be introduced as part of our Equality Objectives.

We recognise the emphasis in the Ofsted inspection framework on the importance of narrowing gaps in achievement which affect, amongst others, students from certain cultural and ethnic backgrounds, students who belong to low-income households and students known to be eligible for free school meals, students who are disabled, students who have special educational needs, male students in certain subjects and female students in certain other subjects.

Objectives to be reviewed every 4 years

Equality Objective

Why this objective has been chosen

Target for this objective 2016/17

How we intend to achieve this

Improve the attendance of students with statements and Free School Meals so that they are in line with the school average

Attendance of FSM students has been significantly lower over the last few years. In 2014-15 FSM students averaged 92% whereas non FSM averaged 96.6%

FSM students on average to achieve 94% attendance

On-going engagement with targeted parents (Rolf Purvis, Head of House)

Using Learning mentors to give targeted individuals 1:1 support

Issue of fines and court action for parents who fail to engage (Attendance Officer)

To improve the experience of EAL students so they feel fully part of the community

In the light of the recent national debate about immigration and Brexit it is imperative that the Downham Market Academy works closely together to ensure all members of the community feel welcome.

To provide more focussed support for EAL students where a need is identified

Improve the induction of EAL students to the school community

Promote an international culture within the whole school community

To review our provision and build on works well

To involve Rosaria more fully from the outset of admitting EAL children

Assemblies celebrating diversity, special events e.g. world book day, tutor time etc.

To further narrow the gap in attainment at end of KS4 between FSM students and non-FSM students.

Although the gap has narrowed significantly since 2013 there is still much work to be done.

To ensure at least 60% of FSM students achieve at least 5 A*- C grades in 2015.

Adapt the curriculum for those FSM students at risk of not achieving this target (Richard Auffret)

To offer science tuition to targeted students

To offer additional revision sessions to FSM students during the Easter holiday (Heads of Faculty)


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