Headteacher’s Blog 03/04/2020

Contact with the Academy

During the period of full closure, we will only monitor calls to a single telephone number at the Academy. If you call 01366 389136, you will be able to leave a voicemail message and we will review

these at least once a day. If you wish to report any concerns with the safety or welfare of any child at Downham Market Academy, a dedicated email account has been created: worried@downhammarketacademy.co.uk. Similarly, if your child has any special educational needs and requires extra support to complete any of the work, please email senteam@downhammarketacademy.co.uk and a member of the SEN team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Renaissance Accelerated Reader: Becoming millionaires!

We are continuing to encourage all our Year 7 and Year 8 pupils to take part in our Renaissance Accelerated Reader programme. 

All pupils can access it on our website: https://downhammarketacademy.co.uk/promoting-the-love-for-reading/

Additionally, Audible has now released 100s of children audio books now free, so every pupils can now also listen to their favourite book: 



Current standing in Year 7: 


Current standing in Year 8: 



Staff have been working hard to post regular updates on the Downham Market Academy Facebook page. Please visit the page and follow us to receive these updates.



Artworks of the Week


Were delighted to see that students have been completing their art lessons at home, and would like to showcase some of the wonderful work students have submitted to us.

Anna Rowe, Year 11, has completed a double-page spread of analysis on her chosen artist, Michael Mew, including a painted and collaged pastiche inspired by one of his works. This is a great example of how a GCSE students sketchbook should look.


Figure 1 Anna Rowe, Year 11



Next up, Mateusz Iwanicki, Year 9. His task was to create a self-portrait inspired by David Hockneys tonal self-portraits. To make it more challenging, the drawing needed to be done from direct observation. Mateusz has really made an effort here, and has done a brilliant job of capturing his own likeness by using sensitive pencil marks, and defining the features with a little tone.


Olivia Keys, Year 13, has been focusing on oil painting and portraiture, producing a range of work from detailed representational paintings through to applying techniques of abstraction and distortion. Following on from studying Francis Bacon, Olivia has chosen to examine the work of Antony Micallef, who created a series of unsettling self-portraits in a heavily abstract, textured style. Olivias successful self-portrait is in Micallefs style, using heavily impasto paint and a significant element of abstraction, whilst still obviously remaining a portrait.



Figure 3 Olivia Keys, Year 13

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