Headteacher’s Blog 1/11/2019

Important Dates


 Year 7 Form Tutor  

We were delighted to see so many parents at the Year 7 tutor evening on 31st October. There was a really positive feel and we are delighted that so many of the Year 7 students have settled in so well.


Term Dates 2020-21 

We are pleased to confirm term dates for the next academic year – these can be found on the DMA website here: https://downhammarketacademy.co.uk/information/termdates/  Please note the staggered start for students with only Years 7, 11 and 12 in on Monday 7 September and all year groups in on Tuesday 8 September onwards. 


Year 9 Parents Evening

The Parents’ Evening for Year 9 students is on Thursday 28 November and appointments can be booked on the following link – we hope to see you all there where we can start to discuss suitable options for your child to study at Key Stage 4




Duke of Edinburgh

We have had many students sign up and register for all three award levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. This is really exciting to be able to continue to offer this great opportunity for the pupils of DMA.


If your child participated in the Bronze or Silver Award last year – it is very important that they complete the uploading of their evidence, and their assessor reports. This needs to ensure the dates are correct – if they were completing the activity for 3 months – the start date and end date must have a difference of at least 3 months.


If you have any issues your child can come and speak to Mr Hewett, Miss O’Dell or Mr Rogers.



The “Safeguarding and Welfare for Students” page on the DMA website

(https://downhammarketacademy.co.uk/information/safeguardingwelfareofstudents/) has been updated with some really useful guides for parents (along the right hand side) on various issues that may affect children.  Please do have a look to see if anything is

relevant – if you would like to talk to a member of the safeguarding team, please get in touch using contact details on the website


Year 11 Mock exams 

Practical mock exams have begun and the whole cohort exams begin on Monday 11th November for 2 weeks. Please ensure your child is familiar with their mock exam timetable and that they are spending quality time revising. It is a great opportunity for your child to rehearse their exams, prepare the knowledge and skills they will require in the summer and lay the foundations for a very positive personal result – rewarding them for their hard work.


Halloween Gothic Literature 

The whole school was invited to celebrate Gothic Literature and it was spookily successful and exciting. Year 7’s had their own Day of the Dead Parade and a winner has been chosen. Forms read spooky stories and poems during Form Time whilst pumpkin carving competitors were busy perfecting their entries). Wizard Nolimal read a dark chapter from The Woman in Black to a group of willing victims in the library at break time whilst Mrs O’Keefe’s Alter-ego shared a dark poem with us all. Wizard Purvis had a great tale about a big hairy toe and Wizard Eastwood judged the Dias Del Los Muertos Parade at lunch time. The winners will receive prizes on Friday. Not only have we raised money for a great local charity that focuses on literacy and reading, we are also more prepared for Gothic Literature at GCSE.  


Pumpkin Overall Winner   Georgina Knapp



Eliza Ward Abbie Dinsdale and  George Carpenter


House Pumpkin Winners:


7:6 Holmes 1 Dyson 2 Duffy 3


GCSE YEAR 10 and YEAR 11 Support – The Redheart Theatre Performance


After the success of Gothic Tales, once again Redheart Theatre is visiting DMA with their production of Jekyll and Hyde. The performance costs 4.50 and for students who receive Free school meals, it’s 3.75. The performance takes place on Tuesday, 26th November and will be an hour long and will prepare our students well for the GCSE Literature exam on Jekyll and Hyde. We hope all KS4 students will take this valuable revision opportunity.


Road Safety

It has come to our attention that some students who ride bikes home are not doing so in a safe manner.  It is important that bikes are ridden safely, not just for the students riding them but also for pedestrians and other road users.  We would appreciate parents of any student who uses a bike to get to and from the Academy to discuss road safety with their child(ren) at home.

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