Headteacher’s Blog #10 17/11/2017

·The mock exams have got off to an excellent start this week. The behaviour of the students has been exemplary as has attendance – 98% – well done Year 11!

· Lots of students have raised money in a variety of ways for Children in Need today. We will let you know how much has been raised but, so far it is at least £1,100.

· Every day members of the senior team visit classrooms to have a look at the work students are doing in class. We have observed a wide range of activities, from making Motte and Bailey Castles out of Play-Doh in History lessons to performing compositions on the keyboard in Music.

· We have been very proactive in recruiting new teachers to start at the Academy in January. So far we are bringing in new staff for Science, Geography and English.

· A great website for students to use for revision for the upcoming Science mock exams is http://freesciencelessons.co.uk/ . It contains short videos on every topic for “paper 1” for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

· We will be focusing on self-esteem and bullying as part of this PSHE fortnightly cycle. If you are worried about your child being bullied and feel powerless – or you are an adult facing workplace bullying of any form from work colleagues or your bosses, the Bully Safe System offers advice and training of what to do about it so that it stops forever. The whole system is free of charge during Anti-Bullying Week (until the end of November), normal cost is £35. Go to www.bullysafesystem.com, and enter the promo code NEST001.

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