Headteacher’s Blog 15/03/2019

Important Dates


Year 11 maths 

With less than 10 weeks before the first Maths GCSE, it is important that year 11s are getting plenty of practice at exam questions. To support them with this, we will be providing all students with an exam paper every week to be completed at home and returned to their teacher for marking. This is compulsory for all students. Please ensure that they have the necessary equipment to complete these papers, as they will also need them for the real exam. They will need a scientific calculator, a protractor, a pair of compasses and a ruler, which can all be bought from the finance office. 


Science Week

This week we welcomed the RAF from Marham and staff from the Genome Campus of the Sanger Institute in Cambridge to the Academy. They ran workshops involving 185 students from across Year 7, 8 and 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Students programmed, tested, mashed and smashed strawberries as well as debating the moral and ethical implications of genetic research and testing. Our guests were impressed with the maturity of our students and how cooperative they were in working together.


English: Romeo and Juliet Globe trip

On the 12th March a group of year 10 students travelled to The Globe Theatre in London to watch a production of Romeo and Juliet. They experienced first hand the performance conditions of Elizabethan theatre and stood in the pit as “groundlings”, mirroring the actions of theatregoers 400 years ago. We were lucky enough to be the first group in and this meant we were placed up against the stage within touching distance of some of the best Shakespearean actors in the country. 

Even though the weather was… chilly, and constant drizzle flooded in through the open air roof, the experience and excitement of seeing the play being performed – as it was originally intended – was not dampened. The students were an absolute credit to DMA and showed a level of maturity and engagement which made the three members of staff who attended proud to be their teachers.

Year 8 students will be lucky enough to experience the opportunity to watch a performance in one of the world’s best theatre at the end of the month so if you have a child in year 8 please make sure they don’t miss what is a truly memorable experience.

UEA Chemistry Trip

Year 12 and 13 Chemistry students enjoyed an afternoon at UEA this week where they got to use the university labs to carry out practical experiments.  This was a brilliant experience as an insight into the advanced technology that is used in modern laboratories, as well as the more traditional techniques.


Year 10 Geography Students – Revision Guides

GCSE Geography revision guides are now available from the finance office till the end of March. The price is £5.50 which is a bargain compared to the RRP of £10.99. Payment can be made either via Parent Pay or bring cash/cheque to the Finance Office. 


Sixth Form Comic Relief

There has been a tremendous sense of community at the Sixth form today, organised by the student council; where students did ‘something funny for money’, by coming in fancy dress. Leon dressing as ‘Lady Chanel’, Ellie, Chloe, Charlie, Madison and Kayleigh being the characters from Captain Hook, Beth and Abby dressing up as a skeleton and the black widow, and Cordelia being the very kind ‘Miss Honey’, plus many other amazing costumes. A bake sale was also arranged for break time and a quiz at lunchtime. I’m very proud of the fact that students really pulled together to raise money for such an excellent cause. Big congratulations to you all!


Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Club ran at DMA during the Autumn and start of the Spring term. A group of 19 hardworking Year 9’s visited Cambridge University, worked with a PhD tutor, and completed a 1500 word essay. The pupil’s had a working title of ‘why should music lyrics be classed as poetry?’ The pupils learnt different language techniques and explored different music lyrics from Beyoncé to Arctic Monkeys and wide ranging poets from Simon Armitage to Maya Angelou. The pupils work was graded and many of them were awarded levels equivalent to A-Level standard. The pupils worked very hard and showed fantastic resilience and determination to complete the course. On Monday they had a graduation held in school where they received their certificates from their PhD tutor and the head teacher in front of their parents.


Reward Points

The top point’s earners in each Year group across the academic year will get a guaranteed ‘seat on the bus’ for the end of year rewards trip. The current top students in each Year group are:


Student Y7 Pts This Year   Student Y8 Pts This Year
SHAMBROOK-HAY, Emily 32   WOODGATE, Chloe 41
JACKSON, Madeline 30   CORNELIUS, Evey 39
ROLFE, Lily 28   PEACH, Kallum 35
BUNTING-WALKER, Keira 27   KNAPP, Georgina 32
SEYMOUR, Aaron 26   WEEDS, Sophie 31
BELL, Taya 25   DOMEIKAITE, Emilija 30
ATTWELL, Grace 24   WRIGHT, Phillippa 30
CLEMENTS, Jessica 24   EDWARDS, Kai 29
DORNAN-BAKER, Sky 24   SUMMERS, Kaiden 29
      WARING, Robert 29
Student Y9 Pts This Year   Student Y10 Pts This Year
FUTTER, Rosie 31   FULLJAMES, Sophie 33
DRIVER, Isabelle 28   SANDERCOCK, Ellie-Marie 33
GILBERT, Jemma 26   BURR, Jorja-Leigh 29
THOMAS, Maddy 25   WILLIAMS, George 28
NUNN, Charlotte 24   WRIGHT, Genevieve 28
LEGGETT, Gracie 20   ONAR, Lara 26
YU, Kelly 18   PARDOE, Ben 25
O’CONNELL, Trinity 17   CASTLE, Shania 24
SLADE, Harvey 17   CORLEY, Jayne 24



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