Headteacher’s Blog 26/04/2019

 Important Dates




Duke of Edinburgh Award

On 11th/12th May 95 Year 9s and 10s will be out on expedition. If you haven’t completed the online paperwork please do so, or any issues email d.hewett@downhammarketacademy.co.uk. There is a kit check for Yr9s 3-4pm on Thursday 2nd May. Bags can be brought in before school and put in the D of E store cupboard (back of the boys gym) before school, or they can be dropped off for collection at 3pm. This is a vitally important session for ensuring all kit is correct and final preparations and instructions for the expedition itself.

Please do support your child in ensuring they are evidencing their volunteering, skills and physical on edofe.org.uk – any issues again please do contact me for any help!

Year 11 silver’s information for the trip to the Peak district – running as two consecutive trips 30th June – 2nd July and 2nd July to 4th July will be sent out shortly with online medical consent forms to complete.


Art Students – Photographs

We would like to remind all Art students that you must not send any photos for printing from your personal email address. You should always use your Ooblemail account to email your Teacher or the Art Technician.

This is a safeguarding measure, and so staff will not accept, or open, emails sent from your personal email. To access your Ooblemail, log in by typing www.ooblemail.com into a browser, and then enter your Ooblemail address, which will take the format 12345@ooblemail.com (remember, instead of 12345, enter your own Ooblemail number).

If you don’t know your Ooblemail address number or your school login, just ask Mrs Nicholson the Art Technician, who will be able to help.


Homework and Social Time Clubs

We offer break and lunch time clubs in the Inclusion Room for all students who prefer a quieter environment at these time. There is no need to sign up; students can just come along if and when they wish to.

In addition, homework club is available in the Inclusion Room after school Monday – Thursday 34pm and Friday 3.30pm for all students. 


End of Year Exam Revision

A reminder that students in Y7-9 (KS3) will have end of year exams in the two weeks leading up to May half term 16/05-24-05. Y10 will have mock exams in June after the half term break. A booklet has been created for each year group to provide information about the content of these exams and to support with preparation for them. They will be uploaded onto the website under the Revision tab



Sixth Form

Next week on Friday 3rd May, Liz Truss MP will be visiting the 6th form to address students and hear questions from them. We look forward to hosting her and are always eager to promote opportunities for young people to engage with politics. 


Year 11

The revision timetable for year 11 starts on Tuesday 7 May where students will be going to targeted sessions according to their own exam timetable. It is great to see so much focus and energy amongst our year 11 students as they prepare for these exams.


The Downham Games

The Downham Games is in its 8th year and this year we wanted to extend the Games to support the community in becoming more active and to also raise awareness of the benefit of exercise on mental wellbeing.  

We are promoting a community event to start on the 9th May and end of the 9th June.  The community Step Challenge is open to everyone and we hope to have not only people from Downham Market involved but people from the wider community – villages and facilities in West Norfolk.   

Those taking part will record their steps on their own device or can purchase a pedometer from us for £1.  Steps should be measured daily and recorded across the month.  They can be reported regularly to us via our FB group page or reported to anyone within their team or organisation who is responsible.  Steps can also be brought along to the Games on the 9th June.  

Anyone who does come along to the Games can bring their steps with them and be entered into a draw.  Adults £50 Arbuckles vouchers and for children there will be a prize of a fit bit or similar. 

Prizes are yet to be fully confirmed.

Enter a team of max 6 to see who the champion step team is.  A trophy will be awarded for the winning team.

Many organisations around Downham Market are already involved and looking forward to joining in the challenge starting the 9th May.   


Our overall objectives are to:  




Please get involved and encourage everyone around you to get involved as well. Bring £1 to finance office for your pedometer and get step counting!


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