Headteacher’s Blog 29/03/2019

Important Dates


English: A touch of The Gothic comes to DMA

The Redheart Theatre Company will be visiting Year 9 students Friday, June 14th, 2019

The Red Room – by H G Wells, The Signalman – by Charles Dickens and  

The Tell Tale Heart – by Edgar Allen Poe, guaranteed to send a chill down the spine!

The three pieces will be performed in full with period costume on a Victorian set, with ingenious, atmospheric lighting and sound effects. For our Year 9 students, the performances will provide a great introduction to the genre of Gothic literature, specifically the GCSE text Jekyll and Hyde. Full details of the visit will be sent out to parents via letter.


Year 7 Assembly

Year 7 will be having a celebration assembly on Wednesday 3rd of April to celebrate the excellent term they have had. We will be highlighting those students who have 100% attendance as well as excellent attitude to learning. We are incredibly proud of all of our Year 7 students as their attitude to learning is mostly good to outstanding and our top 5 ATL grade students will win an Easter themed prize. In addition, we will be celebrating the winners of the inter-form competitions. Our inter-form competitions have included a flag challenge, paper aeroplane flying race, the ultimate hula hoop championship and most recently the memory game whereby students had to remember as many items as they could in a short space of time – excellent exam practise. So far the winners are 7.5, 7.6, 7.7 and 7.8 and this Friday the final winner will be announced as we participate in the cup stacking contest! 


English: Year 8 trip to the Globe theatre and The British Museum 

Our Year 8’s had an amazing opportunity to experience first hand the atmosphere of the Elizabethan theatre. This was wonderfully brought to life by Callum Coates, a leading Shakespearean actor, who took the time out of his busy schedule to transport us back in time to the original Globe. His seamless blend of academic knowledge, contextual insights and real life performances captivated and inspirited all pupils, which exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Students then visited The British Museum, where the significance of historical artefacts and setting, resulted in pupils’ amazement and awe.


Year 13 Leavers Hoodies

Leavers hoodies are now available for Year 13 students to order from the following link https://shop.leavershoodies.com/downhammarketacademyyear132019 You can choose from two styles, varsity or college hoodie in over 80 different colour choices. The online shop will be open until midnight on Thursday 4th April.

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