Headteacher’s Blog 30/11/2018

Important Dates



Downham Market Technology Tournament


Our Year 7’s took part in the Downham Rotary Technology Tournament 2018 where we were faced with a challenge to build a moving crane in teams of 4, in only 4 hours.  Students had to use their engineering knowledge, teamwork skills and creativity, with no help from the teachers.  Students needed to demonstrate their teamwork and read from engineering drawings to build the model.  We competed with other schools from the local area and one of our teams won the ‘best teamwork’ prize – which was well deserved.


Be Internet Citizens


We are delighted to say that Downham Market Academy has been invited to host a day-long digital citizenship workshop on Friday 7th December as part of Be Internet Citizens, a nationwide programme that Google runs in partnership with ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue) as part of their  YouTube ‘Creators for Change’ initiative. The programme seeks to teach secondary school students vital digital citizenship skills to enable them to have a positive voice online. There will be 150 Year 10 students taking part in the workshop down at Ryston with Elizabeth Truss attending in the morning as part of her engagement and support with the government’s national “prevent” strategy.


SENCo Update


Pre-learning resources for core subjects are now available to students via the following link http://downhammarketacademy.co.uk/life-at-downham/send/

These include key vocabulary for current and upcoming topics in English, Maths and Science.


Year 7 Assessments


Students in year 7 recently had their first assessment point where their current grade in each subject is collected. In addition to this, students are given a rating of their Attitude to Learning (AtL) ranging from Outstanding (A) to Unsatisfactory (D). I am extremely pleased to report that 136 out of the 190 students in year 7 received only A and B ratings across all their subjects. It is wonderful to see so many students making such a positive start to their secondary schooling and I hope to see this continue.


Children in Need 2018


On Friday 16th November students attended school in non-uniform, there was even a Pudsey Bear onesie spotted. As an academy we raised £759.80 for the Children in Need charity who are the BBC’s corporate charity. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood that is safe, happy, secure and allows them the chance to reach their potential. We wholeheartedly support

their vision and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our fundraising on the day. 


English Year 11 A Christmas Carol performance


As part of the West Norfolk Improving Attainment steering group – funded by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk our Year 11s were privy to an outstanding theatrical rendition of Dickens’s classical tale: A Christmas Carol. Right from the riveting opening line – “Jacob Marley was dead” – the actors captivated our pupils and took them on a journey of sentimental depiction of the Cratchits’ family and Christmas to Scrooge’s redemption and salvation.

The Shakespeare plays originated from an idea of John Hirst at Springwood, as many of the students in west Norfolk did not have the opportunity to see a play with professional actors or any plays at all. Andrew Pritchard from the National Theatre develops the script and its links to GCSE English exams scripts, which are linked to the main speeches; he arranges the actors. The production both fits in with the GCSE English Literature exams and to give them an experience that many wouldn’t normally have had, the plays also visualise the story so it is easier to both learn and understand this should help with revision as well.


We are very much looking forward to our next performance of Macbeth …


English Year 7 Wonderful Wednesday at Hogwarts!


The 21st November saw a magical journey to Warner Brothers Studio’s to experience the magic in the making of the Harry Potter stories. Students were able to witness first hand how J.K Rowling’s imagination was brought to fruition; to enable millions of viewers to enjoy the magic. Our students were complimented by the team at the Studio’s how impeccably polite and respectful they were. It was a real pleasure and they were a credit to the Academy. Students have now reflected on their experience and wrote the following things for our school newspaper:

Daisy – Fascinating how they made the sets – Diagon Alley was really cool. I felt like I was an actor!

Libby – It was an amazing experience and I would go back again. Got to be a part of it with all the interactive elements!

Amy – Surprised after the cinema to see the door for the Great Hall. Felt it was like walking with the stars.

Scarlette – It was a fabulous experience, helped me to understand what the story is truly about.

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