Headteacher’s Blog #32 04/06/2018


Please note that due to new GDPR rules we must have a signed letter from the student to enable parents or other third parties to collect results on behalf of students. A text or email is no longer permitted.

The information can be found under the Exams Information tab on the website. 


This week we have been looking at what bullying is and what bullying takes place at the Academy.  All students have completed a survey that will form the basis of more activities later on this term in ensuring the Anti-bullying Policy reflects our Academy.  We would also like parents’ input on this – you can provide your feedback using the survey link below (all responses by Wednesday 13th June please): https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/N53Y3L5




The current on line payment system will be deactivated on Friday 15th June for making payments for school meals and trips so it is important that you set up your new account as soon as possible.  The migration to the new system should happen on the 15 June also but just in case of any down time please ensure your child has money on their account to cover lunch on Monday 18th June.


All balances held in the existing system for trips and school meals will be transferred to the new system, however the transaction history you can see now in the Tucasi, School Cash Office system will no longer be available.




Year 7 Pts This Year   Year 8 Pts This Year
WILSON, Liza 68   YU, Kelly 54
SAMOUELLE, Finn 58   HOLLOWAY, Abbie-Jo 53
KNAPP, Georgina 56   GILBERT, Jemma 48
CALLABY, Lydia 51   DIMOCK, Lydia 44
GREENLAND, Savanna 50   ATTWELL, Ruby 41
WOODGATE, Chloe 47   JOHN, Lauren 41
THORPE, Erin 46   PYWELL, Daisy 41
BORODKA, Alfie 45   SIVELL, Neve 41
CROMARTY, Scarlett 45   WEBB, Hannah 41
BENNETT, Eleanor 44   JONES, Phoebe 40
CHILVERS, Eleanor 44      
Year 9 Pts This Year   Year 10 Pts This Year
FULLJAMES, Sophie 69   CARTER, Joanna 47
LANCHESTER, Izzy 69   ADAMS, Keelan 46
BALL, Aaron 60   OBEY, Jack 39
GRABINSKI, Szymon 56   METCALF, Annabel 35
MARTIN, Rowan 56   BISHOP, Jack 32
PALMER, Evelyn 56   DRIVER, Dominic 32
SCOTT, Abigail 52   LORAM, Maisie 31
SCOTT, Amber 47   PORTER, Sophie 31
WILLIAMSON, Thomas 46   RANDALL, Alfie 31
WOODHOUSE, Skye 45   FISHER, Abigail 30



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