Homework Booklets

Spring 2020 A Homework Booklets

Year 7 | Year 8 | Year 9 | Year 10 | Year 11


Christmas 2019 Revision


English: Preparation for Year 11 Mock Exams


English KS4 Critical reading list


English: Key Quotes

Jekyll and Hyde: Quotations

Jekyll and Hyde: Quotes with analysis

Jekyll and Hyde: Hyde quotes

An Inspector Calls: Key Quotes and Analysis

An Inspector Calls: Character Key Quotes and Analysis

Poetry Revision: Quotes

Shakespeare Revision: Quotes 


English Homework Question Booklets

Year 7 Homework Booklet

Year 8 Homework Booklet

Year 9 Homework Booklet

Year 10: English Language paper 1

Year 10: English Language paper 2

Year 10: Jekyll and Hyde Revision Booklet

Year 10: Poetry Revision Booklet

Year 10: Annotated Poetry Anthology – Conflict

Year 11: Romeo and Juliet Booklet

Year 11: An Inspector Calls Booklet


English Homework Answer Booklets

Year 7 Homework Booklet – Answers

Year 8 Homework Booklet – Answers

Year 9 Homework Booklet – Answers


Knowledge Organizers

English Poetry Knowledge Organizers


English Weekly Essays

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