eSafety Information

At Downham Market Academy, we aim to constantly reinforce the responsibilities that our students have when surfing the web through Computing lessons, PSHE lessons and Assemblies.  We run collapsed days teaching students safety concepts, including eSafety.

You can view our eSafety policy here.


Technical solutions

Within the Academy we have several technical solutions to assist us with child protection and eSafety.  We have filtered internet usage for any connected device on site which is continuously monitored.  We also have monitoring software installed on all College computers and laptops which monitors for unacceptable use; including elements such as grooming, sexting, radicalisation and cyber-bullying.

Our securus system protects vulnerable young people from a wide variety of the issues that on line technology presents, such as:


attempts to reach banned websites even via proxy servers

viewing explicit images or files

attempts to copy unauthorised material to/from memory cards/USB devices

child sexual exploitation

faith/gender/racial discrimination and abuse

teenage relationship abuse


potential suicide or self-harm

radicalisation and extremism


Unlike blocking and filtering software, securus monitors all online and offline applications and captures incidents in:

all web activity, including social media

all messaging and email applications

all standard office applications such as Wordpad MS Word, PowerPoint etc.

all unsaved and deleted content

all keyboard activity


The management software allows us to block applications we feel are a barrier to a healthy digital lifestyle; including chat applications, video messaging and social networking apps.  We also block the internet for certain vulnerable students, in partnership with parents.

The system also allows students to self-police the network, including a self submit for review button if they feel a site has not been categorised correctly.

The web filter allows us to easily create granular reports to view student online activity, customisable down to a user level.  this can help us ensure students do not spend too much time on the internet.

Information for Parents & Students

The use of online social networking sites and instant messaging apps is increasing, it is vital to remember that while the internet is a great resource, it is unfortunately open to abuse. As technology moves forward so do the criminals and risks can appear where they have not been before.

It is vital that parents and carers also keep abreast of the latest developments in technology that now present our children with new dangers Visit for the latest information.

CEOP commissioned a MORI poll that showed around 80% of UK children aged between 5-15 years are regularly online everyday, while OFCOM findings for the same age group reveals that 61% of parents had failed to set adequate online controls or didnt have filters in place to keep their children safe. (For more information about protecting your computer, identity and your children on-line go to Get Safe on Line).

Parents fear of understanding technology still seems to be a major obstacle so the CEOP has gone back to the 50s with newly styled material that encourages parents to take their parenting skills into the online world.

The online show The Parents and Carers Guide to the Internet takes a light hearted but thought provoking look at internet safety from a parental point of view. It provides practical advice on what children may be doing online, covers issues that are sometimes hard to discuss and helps parents talk to their child about online worlds that for the child are often very private and vitally integral to their lives.

Further highly recommended and comprehensive e-Safety information can be found on the Who is Hosting This website; including information guides for parents about Snapchat, Kik and Ask.FM

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