Highlights of Student Work

Shakespeare’s Magic

Thousands of performances of William Shakespeare’s plays have been staged since the end of the 16th century and our Year 7 pupils were no exception to this fact. Pupils explored a number of extracts from Shakespeares most famous plays, focusing on the magical and fantastical and worked in small groups to stage a short extract from a play of their choice. We believe, if Shakespeare were alive today, he would be very pleased with their final performances.



Poetry performance

Thursday’s Protest Poetry performance showcased a range of sophisticated, well-crafted and innovative poems with strong personal messages. The whole Year 8 group worked tirelessly for the past 5 weeks to ensure their poems were not only poetically and structurally challenging, but also engaging for their audience. They truly represent the next generation of budding wordsmiths.



Student Work Feedback Books

Current education research shows us that one of the most powerful tools at our disposal in supporting students in making excellent progress is through high quality marking, assessment and feedback. To ensure that this is a reality for every student at our Academy we have robust and focused policy around marking, assessment and feedback.

All students are allocated both a notebook and a feedback book in every subject where there is a significant written element. The notebooks are for students own reference, move freely between home and the Academy and there is no expectation that these will be marked by staff.

Students now complete all assessment work in their feedback books. The assessments are predetermined and published in the departmental common assessment schedule in order to maintain consistency.

There are very high expectations of staff and students alike around these books. Students are expected to put in their very best efforts to achieve their potential grade and present their work neatly. Staff are expected to mark these books clearly and in significant detail, providing clear feedback to the students on how to move on to the next level.

Once an assessment has been marked, within 10 working days, it should be returned to students with feedback tasks. These require the student to respond to the marking, correcting misconceptions and developing their response further.

Feedback books do not come home and students will never be asked to complete assessments in them at home. They are available for parents to peruse during open evenings and during any other parent teacher meetings that may be called.

We want our students to perform at their best, to produce work that reflects their very best efforts and allows them to achieve above and beyond expectations. In order to ensure that they are able to do this, staff will request that students re-do work that falls short of their potential grade or to catch up on a missed assessment during their own time. Neither of these actions should be seen as a sanction, they are supportive measures designed to ensure that every student at our Academy is fulfilling their potential.


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