Remote Learning

Throughout the year, there may well be occasions where individual, groups or the whole student body are required to self-isolate and work remotely. Please find information below explaining what will happen on each of these occasions.


Student Remote Learning
Below you will find an overview of the type of learning students can expect if they are required to work remotely. Full details including a tutorial to show students how to access their learning remotely can be found on this page. For FAQs and extra detail please read this support document


Teacher Remote Learning
Should a member of the teaching staff need to isolate or in the event of a school closure, teachers have a number of methods available to them to teach remotely, including teaching via Microsoft Teams to their class or recorded PowerPoints


Student Remote Learning


Self-Isolating Student

If you are isolating, you will need to follow your timetable and visit Microsoft Teams to access and complete the resources uploaded by your Teacher. In place by 8:50am each morning, the assigned learning material will include clear instructions and be in line with the planned curriculum.

Typically, this will consist of the following:


Whole class isolating and School Closures

In the event of a whole class or year group needing to isolate or if there is a school closure, you should continue to follow your school timetable and visit Microsoft Teams to access your learning. Your teachers will either:

A student step-by-step guide is available for accessing and using Microsoft Teams


If you have lost your password or have a technical issue with your iPad email 


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