Remote Learning

Throughout the year, there may well be occasions where individual, groups or the whole student body are required to self-isolate and work remotely. Please find information below explaining what will happen on each of these occasions.


Student Remote Learning
Below you will find an overview of the type of learning students can expect if they are required to work remotely. Full details including a tutorial to show students how to access their learning remotely can be found on this page. For FAQs and extra detail please read this support document


Teacher Remote Learning
Should a member of the teaching staff need to isolate or in the event of a school closure, teachers have a number of methods available to them to teach remotely, including teaching via Microsoft Teams to their class or recorded PowerPoints


Student Remote Learning

Remote learning arrangements for a Covid-19 related absence


It is very important that if your child has to self-isolate they have access to and are able to complete high quality school work. We will be supporting students through Microsoft Teams platform this is already on your childs school iPad if they have one or can be accessed online/mobile.


You must contact the school regarding your childs absence 01366 389175 or email instruction will be provided on the course of absence to ensure that Covid-19 statutory guidance is followed.

Students will follow their school timetable and will join lessons live with their peers


In event of a Covid-19 related absence your child will need to be on their device for the start of each lesson. Your childs teacher will invite your child into the lesson. They will do this by calling them into a Teams lesson. This may take up to 10 minutes from the lesson start time due to Covid-19 measures in school involving safe entry into classrooms, sanitising hands and classroom routines at the start of each lesson.


Lesson 1 09:15

Lesson 2 11:10

Lesson 3 13:20


Your child will hear the teachers instructions and classroom teaching, see the key resources and what the teacher is displaying to the class. They will also be able to raise their hand and ask the teacher questions by typing in the chat or unmuting to speak to the teacher.


For the following subjects the lesson will not be live instead the work will be set on your childs Team for the subject in the same way work was set and completed during Spring term lockdown.


Core PE

KS3 Drama

KS4 Product Design and Engineering

KS3 Technology




It is important to remember that teachers will be teaching their full and normal timetables and so may not be able to support at the specific time required due to teaching commitments and duties maintaining the safe school environment at DMA. Your child can communicate with their teacher using the post thread on their Teams and the teacher will respond when they are able to.


If they have lost their password email


We understand that this is  a difficult time for all. Please do keep us updated with any additional information if your child is self-isolating and thank you for your support in ensuring that your child keeps up with their learning whilst at home. If required you or your child can email


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