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03/04/2020 – Headteacher’s Blog

24/03/2020 – School Closure Update

20/03/2020 – Students working at home

18/03/2020 – School Closure from 20/03/2020


We currently have no demand for provision for vulnerable children or children of critical workers, however if your circumstances change and there is an absolute need for your child(ren) to attend the Academy for childcare (lessons will not be taught), please contact Mark Eastwood by emailing to arrange a time to discuss this.


Contacts for parents

During full closure we are only able to monitor one phone line – parents can leave voicemail messages on 01366 389136 which will be checked at least daily. 

If you wish to discuss something confidential, for example a concern with the safety or welfare of a child, please do not leave full details in your message but request an urgent call back from one of the safeguarding team along with your child’s name and your details. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety or welfare of any Downham Market Academy or Athena College student please email:

If your child has SEND and you or they need extra support, advice or help with their work at home please email:


Useful safeguarding links and information

Looking after your mental health whilst Coronavirus is in the community


Learning resources for all subjects and year groups

The school will provide work for students to complete during any partial or full closure of the school. Each Monday morning students will receive emails from each subject to their ooblemail detailing what work is to be completed – the resources for this work will be put on the website – click the link below for access to there resources.
Students can complete this work on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone – this includes online platforms, readings, and activities that the students can complete online or on paper.
There will be certain activities that students will be required to submit work (please see the correct emails to submit this work to below) – this could be a photograph of the work completed or a submitted document. This work will be marked and returned to students.
If students require support with completing their work please email using the email addresses below

Browse Subject Resources – Click here for student work


Faculty contact details for work submission


Year 7


Year 7 Art Marking
Year 7 Dance Marking
Year 7 Drama Marking
Year 7 English Marking
Year 7 Geography Marking
Year 7 History Marking
Year 7 ICT Marking
Year 7 Maths Marking
Year 7 MFL Marking
Year 7 Music Marking
Year 7 PE Marking
Year 7 RE and Ethics Marking
Year 7 Science Marking
Year 7 Technology Marking


Year 8


Year 8 Art Marking
Year 8 Dance Marking
Year 8 Drama Marking
Year 8 English Marking
Year 8 Geography Marking
Year 8 History Marking
Year 8 ICT Marking
Year 8 Maths Marking
Year 8 MFL Marking
Year 8 Music Marking
Year 8 PE Marking
Year 8 RE and Ethics Marking
Year 8 Science Marking
Year 8 Technology Marking


Year 9


Year 9 Art Marking
Year 9 Dance Marking
Year 9 Drama Marking
Year 9 English Marking
Year 9 Geography Marking
Year 9 History Marking
Year 9 ICT Marking
Year 9 Maths Marking
Year 9 MFL Marking
Year 9 Music Marking
Year 9 PE Marking
Year 9 RE and Ethics Marking
Year 9 Science Marking
Year 9 Technology Marking


Year 10


Year 10 Art Marking
Year 10 Childcare Marking
Year 10 Dance Marking
Year 10 Drama Marking
Year 10 English Marking
Year 10 Film Studies Marking
Year 10 Geography Marking
Year 10 History Marking
Year 10 ICT Marking
Year 10 Maths Marking
Year 10 MFL Marking
Year 10 Music Marking
Year 10 PE Marking
Year 10 RE and Ethics Marking
Year 10 Science Marking
Year 10 Statistics Marking
Year 10 Technology Marking


Year 11


Year 11 Art Marking
Year 11 Childcare Marking
Year 11 Dance Marking
Year 11 Drama Marking
Year 11 English Marking
Year 11 Film Studies Marking
Year 11 Geography Marking
Year 11 History Marking
Year 11 ICT Marking
Year 11 Maths Marking
Year 11 MFL Marking
Year 11 Music Marking
Year 11 PE Marking
Year 11 RE and Ethics Marking
Year 11 Science Marking
Year 11 Statistics Marking
Year 11 Technology Marking


All Year Groups


All Year Groups PSHE Marking


Please submit work using your school email address – emails sent from any other account will not be delivered. 


Support contact details – help with lost or forgotten account details

Parents can email from the email account registered with the school providing their child’s name, registration group, date of birth and postcode in the email body to request a username / password reminder for SAM Learning or ooblemail – please specify which account type you require new details for in the email. 


SAM Learning Online Resources

SAM Learning –
Centre number is PE38DM

Username and password is student’s date of birth and initials eg John Smith with a DOB of 1 Jan 1990 login is 010190JS


Information for Free School Meals Students

In the event of a partial or full school closure, the academy plans to provide FSM students with ready meals which can be collected by families on a weekly basis. Specific details will be emailed to relevant families. If you have not received this email and would like to opt in to this service, please contact Mr Hewitt at


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