Students working at home

Dear Parents


Due to most students having to stay at home until we are given further notice by the government we have organised a system for how work will be set, where this work will be and what work needs to be submitted to staff.


The work is being set digitally with an email sent by each subject to each Year group before Monday 9am detailing the work to be completed. This means you only complete the work for the subjects you have on your timetable. We are suggesting that where possible to support students with routine they follow the lessons on their timetable. This will be sent to students ooblemail accounts. Parents can email from the email account registered with the school providing their childs name, registration group, date of birth and postcode in the email body to request a username / password reminder ooblemail.


If resources are required for the students to be able to access then these are accessible on the school website


Subjects may set work using other online platforms for example SamLearning and MathsWatch and details will be provided by the individual subjects.


The work set does not require a laptop it can be accessed from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We understand that there may only be one suitable device and more than one child in a house we understand that working will be flexible within households and completed at different times and on different days. Students can complete the tasks on paper and in exercise books.


There will be certain activities that students will be required to submit work for, this could be a photograph of the work completed or a submitted document. This work will be marked and returned to students. This work will need to be emailed to the email addresses listed on the website.


For support – if students are struggling with the work set please email the same subject/year specific email address to ask for support and then a staff member will respond. We will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible, but please be aware that staff will have dependents responsibilities or be ill.


If you are unable to access the online resources we will be able to support you, please contact for me to be able to support you in accessing work for your child.


Yours sincerely


Mr D Hewett

Deputy Head Teacher

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