Year 7

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Important dates

Pastoral care



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Keeping your child safe


Important dates


Parents' Information Evening: Wednesday 25 September at 5:30 in the Main Hall
Parents' Evening: Meet the tutorThursday 31 October, bookable appointments from 4:15 to 7:15
Parents' Evening: Meet teaching staffThursday 7 May, bookable appointments from 4:15 to 7:15
Progress reportsMid October (Attitude to Learning only); mid December; late March; early July
End of year examsMid May
Year 7 "camp"Monday 29 June to Wednesday 1 July incorporating a day at the Royal Norfolk Show


Downham Market Academy term dates.


Pastoral Care

Moving from primary to secondary school is a very exciting and sometimes daunting prospect but all students will receive pastoral support to aid this transition and ensure that they settle into the routines at Downham Market Academy.

Each student will be in a tutor group with other students in Year 7 and they will see their tutor every morning for twenty minutes at the start of the day.  This tutor is the primary port of contact for both students and parents and will be able to offer advice and a supportive ear should there be any problems.

We also have a Head of Year 7, Mrs Locke, who is supported by a Deputy Head of Year 7, Mrs Rawlings, who are able to offer an alternative point of contact.  Full details can be viewed here.

All students are allocated to a House at Downham Market Academy and this is denoted by the colour of the tie:

       Duffy Blue

       Dyson Green

       Holmes Red

       Peake Purple

Students will be encouraged to compete in various activities throughout the year and represent their House.  Towards the end of the year, students in Year 7 will move into vertical tutor groups that contain a mix of students from Years 8-10 who are able to offer peer support. 

For students with Special Educational Needs, our SENCo, Dr Natalie Paine, and Assistant SENCo, Mrs Bev Ireland, are able to offer specific and bespoke support and advice to students and parents.


We believe that a uniform helps to give young people a sense of identity and belonging to the Downham Market Academy community.  We like all of our students to look smart every day by following the simple rules outlined in our Uniform Policy, details of which can be found here.


At Downham Market Academy our aim is to work with parents to ensure that all our students receive the most from their education and reach their full potential.  Research commissioned by the Department for Education shows missing school for even one day can mean a child is less likely to achieve good grades, which can have a damaging effect on their life chances. 

Regular attendance is a minimum of 96%; akin to attending 182 of the possible 190 days this year.  This would mean having no more than 8 days of absence between now and the end of the academic year in July.  A lower attendance impacts outcomes; attend less and you will achieve less.  We are keen to work with parents and carers to support students to attend all the time and a number of options are available as outlined in the letter below that is provided to all parents and carers at the start of the academic year.

For information on how to report an absence or apply for any term time holidays, please visit here.

Subject Information

At Downham Market Academy, our curriculum provides all students of different starting points and needs access to a full range of subjects.  Students study the same broad range of subjects through lessons and structures tailored to their needs.  The curriculum aspires to provide a quality, broad, interesting and challenging range of subjects and topics which ensures students are always ready for the next phase of their education as well as ensuring they are prepared for life in modern Britain.

In Year 7 students study: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, Art, Drama, Information Technology, Design Technology and PE.  Some students will also study a foreign language.

All students are set by ability, with some students following a slightly different shape to their day to support their academic progress these students study all subject areas, but may see subjects combined. For example, their Drama provision may be linked to their English work and delivered with the support of their English teacher.

Each subject area has prepared a short overview of the topics taught in Year 7 that can be accessed using the links at the bottom of our curriculum pages here.

Keeping your child safe

The welfare of your child is paramount to all that we do at Downham Market Academy.  Details of our approach to safeguarding students is outlined here

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